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What a difference two years makes: progress since the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit


Each year governments make anti-corruption commitments at various international conferences and summits. Every summit is different, but afterwards we all grapple with the same problem: how to make sure commitments stick?

Two years ago, 43 governments made over 600 anti-corruption commitments at the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit in London. At the time, Transparency International welcomed governments’ aspirations to undertake bigger and bolder reforms, but we were also keenly aware that the enthusiasm and political will for reform could quickly be lost.

In order to keep the pressure on countries to stick to their commitments, Transparency International UK launched the Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker in September 2017. This innovative tool compiles in-country assessments by civil society, looking at how countries have delivered on the pledges made at the 2016 summit. The initial findings published last September were encouraging but showed that there was much more to be done.

This time we have narrowed our focus, allowing us to dive into the implementation of specific commitments. Whereas in 2017 we looked at 27 countries plus international organisations, this time we are tracking progress across 116 commitments by 16 countries in six areas: asset recovery, beneficial ownership transparency, law enforcement, open data, public procurement and protection for whistle-blowers or space for civil society.

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