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Overview of the National Action Plan

The OGP National Steering Committee (NSC) was recently constituted, with the Federal Ministry of Justice as the Coordinating Ministry and Co-chair. As the OGP process requires 50 percent civil society participation, a co-chair was also nominated by the Civil Society Organisations. The NSC will also have two incoming co-chairs, one each from Government and non-state actors in line with best practices. The NSC is currently made up of representatives of Government Ministries, Agencies, Departments (MDAs) as well as civil society organizations, organized private sector and professional associations who worked together to co-create this 30-month (Jan 2017 – June 2019) National Action Plan (NAP). The NAP aims to deepen and mainstream transparency mechanisms and citizens’ engagement in the management of public resources across all sectors.

Through a consultative process between government and civil society, the NSC agreed to consolidate existing and new reforms within four thematic areas in this NAP. The thematic areas are:

  1. Promoting Fiscal Transparency
  2. Access to Information
  3. Anti-Corruption and Asset Disclosure
  4. Citizen Engagement and Empowerment.

The National Action Plan seeks to promote fiscal transparency through more citizen participation in the budget process, implementation of open contracting in the public sector, enhancing disclosure in the extractive industries, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax system and improving the ease of doing business in Nigeria…

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