Adopt a technology-based citizens’ feedback on projects and programs across transparency and accountability Commitment


COMMITMENT 14: Adopt a technology-based citizens’ feedback on projects and programs across transparency and accountability.

Notes: Different government agencies and CSOs continue to deploy tech-based interactive platforms to engage citizens and government on various aspects of governance and service delivery. Some of the tech platforms from government include:

  • iMonitor : This platform from the Budget Office allows citizens to give feedback directly to government on budget implementation in their community or inform government about projects they will like to see in the budget for their communities.
  • PEBEC App : The PEBEC App is Nigeria’s Official Public Service Complaint website for complaints and feedback for the service of any Ministry, Department and Agency of the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • NOCOPO : The NOCOPO platform makes all procurement data and information available to the public to enhance Transparency in public procurement; ensure efficient service delivery, improved value of money, while fostering an equitable business environment for Nigeria.
  • FGN iApp :This is an information dissemination mobile app that is designed to provide relevant and authentic real time information from the Nigerian government to Nigerians at home and in the diaspora, as well as the rest of the FGN iAppcontent includes highly sought after information on the Nigerian government, government bids and tenders, government job vacancies, top stories from The Presidency and the various government ministries, parastatals, agencies and lots more.

From the CSOs

  • Reportyourself :This platform offers Nigerians an opportunity to report instances of every day bribery and graft as well as celebrate champions of change who shun corruption and conduct business honestly. The platform was developed with the support and guidance of the Religious Leaders Anti-Corruption Committee (RLAC), the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), The Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC), and the U.S. Consulate in Lagos.
  • REVODA : This mobile app allows voters to report as independent citizen observers from their respective Polling Units across Nigeria. You simply register with your Polling Unit number, name & phone number. All reports are automatically mapped and voters remain anonymous. It also allows EiE to send location-specific relevant information about the electoral process to registered users.
  • Gavel : is a civic tech organization aimed at improving the pace of justice delivery through technology, by tracking the process of trying an accused using “Justice Clock”, Gavel monitors the length of time it takes to complete investigations and trials of accused persons.
  • iFollowTheMoney : This platform allows rural communities to follow utilization of money meant for projects in their communities and working with a network of journalist, data wranglers, development consultants, information analyst, legal practitioners to engage government on proper utilisation of funds.
  • Tracka–Tracka : is a community of active citizens tracking the implementation of government projects in their community to ensure service delivery. Built by BudgIT, the platform connects community champions to government through their legislators to ensure implementationand funding of projects listed in the budget.
  • Budeshi : Budeshi (which is Hausa for “Open it”) is a dedicated site that links budget and procurement data to various public services. It is accessible to the public to interact with and make their own comparisons. In a bid to make information around public contracts and the procurement process more coherent, Budeshi attempts to demonstrate the Open Contracting Data Standards (OCDS) across the public procurement value chain


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